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The world calls for, and expects from us, simplicity of life, the spirit of prayer, charity towards all, especially towards the lowly and the poor.

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COVID 19 has created an immense impact on the lives of all of us especially the poverty-stricken people around us. So it’s our responsibility to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of people in need. AMPAKCares is working in Pakistan with Dr. Uzair khan of the Human Accord Trust Pakistan. AMPAKCares will be able to provide much-needed PPE to healthcare workers in PIMS, Holy Family Hospital, and Benazir Bhutto Hospital. Your kind contribution to this cause will help us save a life.

Indian Occupied Kashmir Humans Without Human Rites

On 5th August 2019, India revoked the special status of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Since then the IOK has been under strict inhuman security lockdown. It has been one year since Indian forces were deployed in Indian occupied Kashmir to tighten the curfew. A complete media and information blackout including no access to the internet and cellular networks were imposed. Even the widespread international condemnation and a severe humanitarian crisis like COVID-19 could not compel the Indian government to end its inhumane lockdown in Occupied Kashmir. The outbreak of pandemic like COVID-19 has further intensified the already chaotic situation in Kashmir and has unleashed a new wave of terror in the valley. AMPAK Cares will raise a voice for voices that can not be heard. Our campaign intention is to bring Humanity back to Human Beings in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

AID For Frontline

We have realized the importance of our healthcare workers more than ever. And the lives of our healthcare workers are continuously at risk due to the shortage of PPE. AMPAKCares is working to solve this issue to save our heroes. AMPAKCares is working to import KN95 masks, Protective suits, and Surgical masks for hospitals in Pakistan. We are working with Medicare Hospital in Pakistan to distribute PPE to Doctors across Pakistan.

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About AmPAkCares

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COVID 19 is not the only virus that has taken the lives of thousands of people around us. It has taken many of our loved ones and left a lot of them in the state of hunger and pain and uncertainty. All of us are striving to find out ways to reduce its social and economic effects. We have established this organization to fight the consequences of this pandemic and save the lives of millions of people around us. Our team is continuously working providing food and PPE in both America and Pakistan. We have collaborated with many hospitals that are receiving the hundreds of coronavirus patients on a daily basis and staff of those hospitals do not have sufficient supply of the equipment that they need to protect themselves and their patients from this life-threatening virus.

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Providing Free, Hot, And Delicious Meals To Those Who Are In Need Of Food

AMPAKCares is an organization that is established to help and minimize the social and economic impacts of coronavirus. We are aiming to address current issues of the society like hunger and shortage of PPE. We are currently working within America and Pakistan and providing food for which we have collaborated with many organizations. Our goal is providing free, hot, and delicious meals to those who are in need of food due to the loss of their jobs and employment.

Funds For People In Need

Protective Suits, And Surgical Masks For Hospitals

Food For Every One

Medicine For Sick People